How to Remove Permanent Marker

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Here are some tried and true methods of getting rid of permanent marker slip-ups! 


First, use a whiteboard marker and retrace the exact outline of whatever’s written on the whiteboard in permanent marker. While the ink is still wet, use a clean, damp cloth to erase both the whiteboard marker and the permanent marker. It’s best to do one word at a time, even though it might take more time. This should erase all signs of permanent ink and get your whiteboard sparkling clean! 


depending on the kind of fabric. getting out any permanent stain from fabric may require some patience. This method involves rubbing alcohol. Lay the fabric out flat, with the stain facing down on a clean cloth. Dip a second clean cloth in rubbing alcohol and drizzle it onto the affected area. The permanent ink should bleed on through the fabric and onto the cloth beneath it. Keep moving the fabric so it’s always on a fresh section of cloth. When nearly gone, use another clean cloth with rubbing alcohol and gently dab at the stain until it’s completely disappeared. 

Glass and Metal

If you’ve ever visited an Orlando flea market, you might find that the vendor has used a permanent marker to label the price right on the item. Run the item through the dishwasher if possible. If that fails, use a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to remove the permanent marker. Rinse clean after done and the item should be ready to use! 

With these helpful tips, you'll see that permanent marker isn’t so damaging after all. If you’d like to see our Orlando apartments in person, please email or call us. We’d be happy to give you a tour!

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