How to Care for Jewelry

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The key to great accessorizing with jewelry is making sure everything is in excellent condition! Here are some tips to keep your jewelry as bright and shiny as possible while it’s stored in your Orlando apartments.

Organizing Necklaces 

It’s no fun when your necklaces are all tangled up. This is the easiest way to end up with broken chains and clasps, too. You can keep necklaces from tangling in a few different ways:

Hang necklaces on a peg rack.

Invest in a necklace stand for your bedroom dresser.

Hang individual necklaces around the necks of closet hangers.

Clean Gold and Silver Jewelry

Gold, silver, or alloy jewelry occasionally get dirty over time. To clean jewelry, use a soft microfiber cloth to apply a commercial jewelry cleaner. Rub gently but firmly. Use a separate, clean cloth to wipe away excess residue and a third cloth to buff to a high sheen.

Wipe Jewelry After Each Use

For true gold and silver jewelry, it makes sense to wipe it down after each use. The reason is that skin oils get on the jewelry and can dull the finish. A quick wipe down is all that’s needed. For costume jewelry and other less expensive alloy metal jewelry, this step isn’t necessary.

Store Jewelry Separately

When one piece of metal rubs against another, tiny micro-abrasions occur on the surface, causing your jewelry to look old and worn. If you already have some pieces in this condition, consider bringing it to a fine jeweler to be professionally polished. They’ll be able to buff out those surface imperfections so your jewelry looks new again.

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