3 Tips for Revamping Your Wardrobe This Spring

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Here are 3 tips to use as you clean out your closet this spring!

Have a try-on session

Set aside a few hours to go through your closet and try on everything you’re feeling “so-so” about. This is essential for a good clean-out of your closet and makes you confident on what stays and goes! 

Ask yourself, “What do I wear every day?”

With this tip, have a seat with a sheet of paper and a pencil. Write a list of your outfits for the last few weeks. These are the items you need to buy more of. Getting real with the clothes you actually want to wear can help you clean out the items that never have and never will make the cut.

Focus more on buying essentials

When we shop, we often tend to gravitate toward fun or bizarre items — flouncy dresses, too-high heels, crazy ties, hats, and brightly colored slacks and skirts. Most people don’t wear these items on a daily basis. So, however much it pains you, the next time you clothes shop, focus on the essential things — those things you listed when you wrote down what you usually wear. 

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