Using Color and Texture to Achieve Balance

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You can alter the atmosphere and comfort of your Orlando apartment by using color and texture to achieve balance. You just need to create a gorgeous color scheme, smartly utilize accent colors and use textures to complete your interior design. To get started in transforming your interior decor, reference this informative guide for inspiration!

Establish a Color Scheme

Your home will look put together and aesthetically pleasing if you take the time to establish a color scheme before decorating. You can use a color wheel to pick two complementary colors and one contrasting shade. Make sure one color has the vibrancy to work well as your accent hue. Use the complementary colors and grayscale tones across your home design to create the backdrop for your accent shade.

Smartly Utilize Accent Colors 

Once you have your color scheme pinned down, take the most vibrant hue and find decorative items in that tone. Browse stores with household goods or drop by local thrift stores to search for knickknacks, artwork, blankets and other decors. You will need to arrange the items throughout your living space with a focus on creating balance. Spread out the items as you see fit to create an attractive interior design for your apartment in Orlando.

Complete Your Design With Fun Textures

Adding texture to your interior design may feel a bit trickier than dealing with color. You can use texture to achieve balance in your living space with different types of fabrics and other materials. Wicker, faux fur, shag carpet, books, and natural wood tables can all add layers of texture. When in doubt, consider adding pillows, blankets, and rugs to make any space more comfortable for you and your guests. Mix and match the textures to your liking until you are satisfied with the design of your home.

By focusing on color and texture, you can maximize the beauty of your apartment home. If you are ready for an apartment upgrade, call (866) 788-2515 to contact our team at Northbridge at Millenia Lake to learn about our available floor plans.

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