4 Tips for Displaying Your Art Collection

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NorthBridge at Millenia Lake BedroomYou like to think of yourself as an art enthusiast, and yet, some of your most-prized pieces are not displayed in a way that pleases you or your guests. Thankfully, it's not particularly difficult to show off your favorite works of art, even if you live in our Orlando apartments. Below, we highlight just a few of the many options for using your artwork to bring personality to your apartment.

How to Put Your Art Collection on Display

  • Use Command hooks. A variety of ingenious hooks and other devices are available to hang up your art without pounding nails into the walls of your apartment. Choose carefully based on the size and weight of your framed works of art.
  • Show off artwork on a shelving system. A bookshelf or even the top of the dresser can be a great place to display art. Set aside a single shelf for keeping your favorite pieces. If you own small, sturdy sculptures, consider using them as bookends. 
  • Lean large pieces of art against the wall. Oversized art can actually make more of an impact when it's left to lean casually against a wall, rather than hung with a traditional frame. When used selectively, this approach can give your apartment a boho vibe.
  • Display art on an easel. If you're an artist, an easel is a no-brainer for showing off your latest creations. If not, an easel can still give your space an artsy vibe. For smaller pieces, invest in a mini-easel that you can set on an end table or a counter. 

Take pride in your art collection. You don't need nails or screws to show it off. Think outside of the box and find new ways to present paintings, photography or even sculptures. Displayed in a fresh manner, the best works of art will instantly make your apartment feel like home.

The beautiful floor plans and amenities at NorthBridge at Millenia Lake Apartments make it easy to show off your favorite art and decor. Contact us today by giving us a call or visiting our office to learn more about our spacious floor plans.

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