6 Great Smoothie Supplements

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Smoothies are a great quick breakfast and healthy post-workout snack, especially when they're loaded with nutritional supplements for optimal wellness. NorthBridge Apartments in Orlando, FL has rounded up a list of our favorite smoothie supplements to boost your body and brain health. 

Favorite Smoothie Supplements

Protein Powder

Protein powder is the building block of a nutritious smoothie, and it comes in so many forms: Soy, whey, hemp, just to name a few. This is what repairs damaged muscles and fills you up. 


Since maca is a root, you're most likely to find this ancient Peruvian superfood in powder form. A small sprinkle will go a long way toward boosting your energy levels and supporting vitality and endurance at the gym. Maca has an earthy, nutty flavor that isn't everyone's favorite but is well disguised by a mixed berry or chocolate banana smoothie. 


Spirulina, which is derived from algae, is loaded with so many vitamins and minerals. It's guaranteed to turn your smoothie a vivid green. A little goes a long way here, as the taste is …. let's say, acquired …. but we like this smoothie supplement with apple, pineapple, and kale. 

Flax Seeds

Whole or ground, flax seeds offer a major dose of what's missing from most American diets — fiber. They thicken smoothies and deliver a naturally nutty taste plus a dose of omega fatty acids. 


Turmeric gives a spicy zing and vibrant orange hue to any smoothie (we like it with citrus, coconut, and banana) for an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant kick. One note: Your body will absorb more turmeric in the presence of black pepper, ginger, and fat. Add at least one of these to get the maximum benefits. 


It's the new acai! This dark purple superfood tastes like a cross between blueberries and blackberries and comes loaded with nutrients. Some studies suggest this boosts immune health, so drink up stay healthy in winter, especially if there's a cold going around your Orlando apartments. 

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