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football season
Football season is finally here, which means that people will be hosting football parties. If you have a football party planned, you may want to decorate your apartment to make it festive and fun. But if you are short on time, you may wonder what you can do to decorate. Here are a few fun and easy decorating ideas and tips for decking your apartment out for the next football season. 

Set Up Your Food on a Faux Football Field

One of the easiest ways to decorate for a football party is to arrange your food on a faux football field. Grab a green tablecloth from any party supply store, and then use white paint to create yard lines and end zones. Allow the tablecloth to dry before putting it on the table where the food will be served. Place the food on the table, and instantly, your table transforms into a football field. 

Make a Goal Post Your Focal Point

Another easy idea is to create a goalpost as your focal point. A goal post is big, so it takes up a lot of space. But it doesn't have to take a lot of time to make. You can cut out a goal post using cardboard and then spray paint it. Hang it on your wall to complete the look. Or, for a more dimensional look, add balloons to the cardboard to really make the goalpost pop. 

Utilize Posters and Streamers

Lastly, if your team is playing and you want to show your support, buy poster boards and paint and make signs in your team colors to cheer on your team. Hang streamers to bring in more of your team colors, which is a fast and easy way to bring team spirit into your party. 

Hosting a football party with family or friends can be a lot of fun. If you love to host parties, you want to ensure your apartment has a good flow for hosting events. If you are looking for a new Orlando apartment with a great flow, be sure to check out NorthBridge at Millenia Lake. Our apartments have an open floor plan that makes them ideal for hosting get-togethers and offers many amenities. Visit our complex today to learn more about us. 

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