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As spring leads to summer, residents of NorthBridge at Millenia Lake Apartment Homes have started to plan gatherings. The nicely appointed kitchens in our Orlando apartments offer the perfect place to create healthy dishes for picnics and other get-togethers.


Blend right in: Skip the powdered lemonade and juice mixes. Instead, blend fresh fruit slices with milk or yogurt and ice for a healthy smoothie. Bananas, strawberries, papaya, and mangos are great fruits to consider.

Chips, off the block: Nacho or potato chips with a variety of cheeses or other dips are a summertime favorite. Cheese cut from a block accompanied by sliced meats or veggies is an alternative. For those hosting vegans or vegetarians, replace meat and dairy-based products with hummus or tahini and read the label to make sure that the chips you select do not have animal byproducts. Salsa is a great option with its chopped tomatoes, onions, and seasonings.

A soup-er idea: Speaking of chopped tomatoes with a little onion, add some chopped cucumber and bell peppers along with olive oil for gazpacho, the popular Andalusian soup served cold to refresh during the summer. Consider serving it with croutons or slices of your favorite bread as an accompaniment.

Swim in the deep end: Those who enjoy seafood often prepare salads as lighter fare. Beyond tuna, consider shrimp or seafood salads with crackers, bread slices, or in a vegetable salad dish. Lightly breaded shrimp or fish also makes a great filling for a po’ boy with lots of lettuce, tomatoes and spices to taste on a roll or sliced French bread.

Salad with a Mediterranean flair: Greek salads with olives, feta cheese, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a lighter dressing are also popular. Do it the “Tarpon Springs” way by placing a little potato salad in the center of the bowl and cover with lettuce and veggies.

That’s a wrap: Flatbread sandwiches are always popular. As an alternative, use moistened rice wrappers, vermicelli, and your favorite fillings to make healthy spring rolls.

Whatever is on the menu, you will enjoy apartment living in NorthBridge at Millenia Lake Apartment Homes. Contact us or call (866) 788-2515 for more information about our community.

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