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Even when the weather is balmy, making for fun-filled days outside, there’s nothing quite like coming home to a cozy, inviting bedroom to relax, sleep and, in general, enjoy peace and quiet.

While coziness generally is associated with heat, when applied to your living space the word conjures concepts like welcoming, comfort and relaxation. Here are a few ideas to consider when maximizing your bedroom’s cozy level for optimal Orlando apartment living.


Creating a cozy bedroom starts with comfortable furniture, whether it be your bed, a chair, a beanbag chair, a couch, a loveseat, a desk or whatever else you find practical or pleasing. You can mix and match as you like. Some people prefer the sleek, clean feeling of homogenized furniture, while others enjoy the eclectic nature of owning a hodgepodge of pieces that possess individual aesthetic or functional appeal.


Covering your bed with a few blankets of varying textures or thickness helps create a comfortable space for you to sit or recline while working on your laptop, reading or watching Netflix. Keeping a few at the end of your bed or in a basket in the corner ensures you have extras nearby whenever needed. Additionally, hanging colorful tapestries and rugs on walls or around your bed is a subtle, decorative way to make your bedroom welcoming and warm. This post from the Apartment Therapy blog gives ideas for where to acquire tapestries and how to use them.


Whether it’s the flickering flame of your candle, the glow from within a warmer, or the soft smoke rising from burning incense, these items visually offer various symbols of warmth. The scents they release also provide a sort of aromatherapy, particularly if you’re using an oil diffuser and natural plant-based scents. No matter what method or item you choose, having a source of light and fragrance in your room augments the intimate, inviting atmosphere.


Yes, “cozy” connotes snugness, but the feeling of claustrophobia induced by an excess of clutter, trash or even useful items only leads to stress. If your bedroom is overwhelmed with “stuff,” think about removing or storing a portion of it, or at least keeping it well organized. Better Homes and Gardens has a few tips on decluttering and reducing stress.

There’s no time like the present to use some of these and other methods to design a cozy bedroom that welcomes you every night. If you are looking to acquire your own floor plan among the apartments in Orlando, contact our office to see which floor plans are available.

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