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Ocean and Sand

The Most Beautiful Beaches Near Our Community

Ocean and SandThere’s nothing quite like a day at the beach. While you may enjoy the lavish pools at NorthBridge at Millenia Lake, you may want to head to the beach now and then to really enjoy the way the sand feels between your toes. At our apartments in Orlando, you are only minutes from some of the most impressive beaches in the state.

Which Will You Visit First?

Finding a beach isn’t all that hard for those who live in Florida. But finding a truly beautiful beach is worth the drive. Here are some of the best experiences you can have at the area’s beaches.

Cocoa Beach

It gets a lot of attention from tourists, but the beach is still one of the most impressive. Be sure to explore the beach at sunset when the sky lights up with color. It’s only about an hour or so away from Orlando. This beach is fantastic for those looking for sunbathing, water fun, and lots of boardwalk excursions (not to mention all of the shops and restaurants nearby).

Clearwater Beach

Another larger beach, this one gives you the typical beach lifestyle you may be looking for. It is a bit more laid back and definitely a family oriented place to visit. It is closer to the Gulf Coast, so a bit longer of a drive, but still a beach to visit on a day. While here, visit Caladesi Island. You’ll love the more private atmosphere and the stunning surroundings.

New Smyrna Beach

A little less than an hour away from Orlando, this beach is an excellent option for water lovers. The waves are perfect for water skiing and surfing. Kayakers will enjoy the area as well. While you could do this trip in a day, spend the night for a second day of enjoying the water and sand. Nearby is also the historic Flagler Avenue Beach, a fantastic area for beach lovers looking for seashells.

Being Close to It All Makes a Difference

For those looking for the perfect apartments in Orlando, NorthBridge at Millenia Lake is an excellent choice. We welcome you to our paradise that you can enjoy when you are not at the beach. Call our team today to inquire about available floor plans.

NorthBridge at Millenia Kitchen

How to Achieve a Cleaner Fridge

NorthBridge at Millenia KitchenWhen you choose to live at NorthBridge at Millenia, you gain access to a fantastic place to call home. You also have access to resort-like amenities and top-quality appliances. But one common cleaning question is about the fridge. How do you keep it clean and fresh? When you live in our stunning apartments in Orlando, with the high humidity, you need to take extra steps to keep the fridge clean.

Tips for Keeping the Fridge Clean

If you open your refrigerator and you despise what you see, it may be because you haven’t taken a few of these tips. For a fresh fridge, consider the following steps.

Give it a Good Clean to Start

Before you can maintain a clean level of cleaning, you’ll need a deep clean. Wash all surfaces of the refrigerator well. Be sure you get deep into the back, the corners, and the edges. Wipe down the gaskets and seals well. This ensures a clean starting surface and an air-tight area.

Use an Odor Control Agent

Using an odor control agent such as baking soda in the refrigerator is an important step. It helps to get rid of strong smells and will also help ensure the space is less full of moisture. It is important for you to keep a box of baking soda in the back of the refrigerator – and be sure to replace it every month.

Use the Right Storage

Instead of placing open containers into your refrigerator, use air-tight containers. This is an important step because it helps to minimize the moisture and smells in the refrigerator. Some newer containers can extend the life of your leftovers as well.

Keep Perishables in Eyesight

The biggest problem within the fridge are those items that start to go bad and get forgotten about. Keep all of your produce, for example, within eyesight. When you notice something going bad, toss it sooner rather than later.

Explore a Higher Quality of Life

When you live at NorthBridge at Millenia, you have fantastic access to top amenities and appliances. Take a tour of our Orlando apartments to find out more of what we have to offer.

Picnic Baskets

National Picnic Month Celebration Ideas

Picnic BasketsEvery year, National Picnic Month (which is July) encourages Americans to get out of their Orlando apartments for a day and enjoy the great outdoors. The following ideas will help you make the most of your picnic festivities:

Great Ways to Celebrate National Picnic Month

  • Host a potluck picnic. Get all of your friends and family members in on the picnic fun with a potluck event. Each attendee should bring a blanket and a favorite recipe, packed, of course, in a traditional picnic basket. Mix it up with various dishes on different blankets and let attendees mingle and try a variety of foods.
  • Eat a picnic inside. National Picnic Month is all about celebrating the great outdoors, but what happens if it’s just way too hot? You don’t have to give in to the heat and humidity; just take the picnic inside. Give the occasion the full picnic treatment complete with a basket, a blanket spread out on the floor, and delicious sandwiches and snacks.
  • Enjoy a picnic during a baseball game. Many ballparks offer standing room only seating, where visitors are encouraged to bring their own chairs, blankets, and yes, food. For a quaint, but fun time, plan a picnic for a local minor league or amateur game, or even a family member’s Little League or softball game.
  • Board game picnic. If your friends and family members enjoy playing board games and card games, combine this love with a fun picnic outing. Although blankets work just fine, this occasion may call for picnic tables where participants can more easily maneuver with various game pieces. Allow guests to grab food at their leisure and mingle between picnic tables, testing out various recipes as they also test out games.
  • Poolside picnic. If you need an easy way to beat the summer heat, host your picnic near one of our two resort-inspired pools with poolside lounge area and grilling station. Afterward, jump in to cool off.

A little creativity can go a long way when you’re planning a picnic outing. Don’t be afraid to play with unique recipes and decor. Whether you invite a few close friends or dozens of loved ones, you’ll be glad you took advantage of the summer weather.

Amenities abound at NorthBridge at Millenia Apartment Homes. Contact us today to learn more about the many additional amenities we offer.

Hotel Room

Check Out Our Summer Rates at Waterton Managed Hotels

Hotel RoomWhen you live in a Waterton community such as NorthBridge at Millenia, there are many benefits such as superb amenities, convenient online payments and maintenance requests, spacious apartments, and much more. Since Waterton manages several hotels in addition to a collection of residential communities, community members also have the bonus of getting special summer rates at our hotels. Our Orlando apartments are just minutes from downtown Orlando, but even after you spend some quality time at our pools this summer you just might be ready for a getaway.

Don’t Miss Out on Great Summer Rates at Waterton Managed Hotels

As a resident of NorthBridge at Millenia during the summer months, you get access to some of the lowest rates at our Waterton managed hotels. For your reference, our hotels and rates are listed below. Make note that special pricing is only good now until August 31, 2017. When booking your stay, call the special number associated with the hotel of your choice and request the Waterton corporate rate.

Starting from $49.00: Comfort Inn Piqua in Ohio

Starting from $89.00: Aloft Beachwood in Ohio and DoubleTree Pittsburgh Airport in Pennsylvania

Starting from $99.00: Sheraton Needham and DoubleTree Westborough in Massachusetts, Sheraton Madison in Wisconsin and DoubleTree Skokie in Illinois

Starting from $139 weekdays and $99 weekends: Courtyard Boston Marlborough in Massachusetts

Starting from $159 weekdays and $99 weekends: Westin San Francisco Airport and Aloft San Francisco Airport in California, Sheraton Framingham in Massachusetts, and Westin Columbus in Ohio

20% off best available rate: Hyatt Place San Jose in California

Looking to spend some glorious summer days in the California sun, yet beat the heat in the Bay Area? Westin San Francisco Airport and Aloft San Francisco Airport in Millbrae are in close proximity to San Francisco International Airport. Walking along the iconic Golden Gate Bridge offers breathtaking views that offer some respite from the heat. If you’d like to go off the beaten path, you can watch the fishing boats go by in the Marina District, away from the mobs of tourists downtown. We also have accommodations in San Jose, where the city frequently hosts concerts and movie nights in their beautiful parks.

Touring historic Massachusetts and attending summer clam bakes is another great vacation idea where Waterton provides community members economical lodging. We have hotels in Marlborough, Framingham, Needham, and Westborough with unbeatable rates for the Boston area. There are many well-preserved 18th century homes and homes-turned-museums you can check out in Boston and these surrounding cities, and even a hands-on tour in Boston where you can throw actual tea into the river just like in the original Boston Tea Party.

Hotel discounts are just another great perk of living at NorthBridge at Millenia. Call us to inquire about our available floor plans.

American Flag

6 Games to Play at Your July 4th Party

American FlagIf you’re throwing a bash at your Orlando apartment for the 4th, you’ll definitely want to make sure your guests are entertained. Patriotic games are the perfect way to celebrate and have fun at a party. Try one of these exciting Independence Day games to keep the party going strong as you celebrate the Fourth of July.

Fun Fourth of July Party Games

Patriotic Outfit Contest

It’s always fun to dress up, so have guests show up in their favorite patriotic red, white and blue attire. Have prizes for creativity and patriotism to make it even more fun.

American History Trivia Game

See how much American history your guests really remember. Put together some U.S. history facts before your party. Divide party guests into 3-4 teams and play the trivia game. The team that wins can hit the dessert table first.

American Baseball Game

There’s nothing more American than baseball unless it’s apple pie. If you’re throwing an outdoor party, organize a good game of baseball. Everyone will have a blast and work up an appetite before you eat.

Fourth of July Scavenger Hunt

Create your own Fourth of July themed scavenger hunt to keep party guests entertained. Come up with fun patriotic clues and have guests search for things like flags, toy soldiers, a mini Liberty Bell, and more.

Red, White, and Blue Dodge Ball

This has all the fun of dodge ball, but it’s done with water balloons, which is perfect for a hot Independence Day outdoor party. Fill up red, white, and blue balloons with water. Divide the guests into two teams. Give both teams plenty of balloons. If someone gets hit with a water balloon, they are out of the game. The last person standing is the winner.

Fourth of July Bingo

This game is perfect for an indoor or outdoor party. Print out free patriotic Bingo cards or design your own with red, white and blue paper and stickers. Give away small prizes to winners for even more fun and excitement.

Add some great food, music, and decorations to these patriotic games and you’ll have a perfect Fourth of July party. If you have out-of-town guests looking for apartments in Orlando, have them give us a call to find out more about the floor plans we currently have available.

Disney World

The Best Orlando Theme Parks to Visit This Summer

Disney WorldOne thing Orlando is widely known for is having a large number of different theme parks. Each year, tons of tourists flock to our area to enjoy a variety of attractions with a multitude of different themes. But, which ones do the locals enjoy best? Our team has put together this list to help you plan a memorable day out.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom

While most theme parks in the Orlando area are family-friendly, some are just a bit more appropriate than others. Disney’s Magic Kingdom is the brand’s quintessential theme park, complete with your favorite princesses, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and the rest of the gang. This is the place that started it all and perhaps the area’s most famous attraction.

SeaWorld Orlando and Gatorland

SeaWorld Orlando is another wonderful choice. Elementary age children and teens interested in science and nature will love the hands-on exhibits, while parents will enjoy the educational value of what the park has to offer. For shorter adventure treks, Gatorland is another great option, as it is smaller and a bit better suited to the budget conscious crowd.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

While it is enjoyable to check out the infamous “House of Mouse” with the kids, sometimes the search for fun calls for something a little different. Check out Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which caters to pop culture fanatics with attractions such as an Aerosmith-themed roller coaster and the exciting Tower of Terror ride.

Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure

There’s also Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure, which features themed areas such as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Marvel, and Spiderman. Plus, it is just a short distance away from Universal CityWalk for dinner, conversation, and a cocktail of your choice after an afternoon of rides.

Of course, all of these wonderful attractions are just a short drive from NorthBridge at Millenia Apartment Homes. Instead of having to stay at a hotel after spending the day at these theme parks, you’ll be able to relax in your own spacious apartment home at our community. Score!

For more information about our Orlando apartments and our available floor plans, please contact us today.

Plants in Room

7 Ways to Refresh Your Living Room

Plants in RoomOver time, most people get tired of the same design in their home. It can get boring day after day. However, if you are looking to refresh your living room, we have just the tips to help you reinvent your space and fall in love with it all over again.

7 Ways to Refresh Your Living Room

  1. Rearrange your furniture. You can completely change the look of a room by rearranging the furniture. This is completely free to do and you will fall in love with your space all over again.
  2. Add some throw pillows. You can also change out your throw pillows for some new ones that have a different design or color scheme. This can change the look of your existing decor and furniture completely.
  3. Bring in some plants. If you want to bring more life into the room, the best way to do that is with some plants. If you do not have a green thumb, you should consider getting some artificial ones that will at least give you the look of nature.
  4. Add some artwork to the walls. If you have some bare walls, you should consider adding some artwork that will bring the walls to life and provide a new view of the room as well.
  5. Add an area rug. If you want to make a big impact and only do one thing, then adding an area rug is a great way to do that. Just make sure that you follow the spacing rules that come along with it.
  6. Add new decorations. You can add just a few new decor items to change up the look of a room. You can also swap some out for new ones that can bring new life to your space.
  7. Bring in some new colors. The easiest way to really bring a room to life again is with some vibrant colors in the form of throw pillows and other accessories.

You spend a lot of time in your home and you want to be able to enjoy it as often as possible. With these tips, you can refresh your space whenever you want. If you are looking for a new place to call home, be sure to stop by and check out our Orlando apartments.

Pizza With Toppings

6 of the Best Pizza Joints in Orlando

Pizza With ToppingsYou may not think of pizza when you think of Orlando, but the town can hold its own when it comes to palate-pleasing pies. From wood-fired to deep-dish, there is something for everyone when it comes to pizza. These six pizza places offer some of the best pizza in Orlando and will have you coming back time and time again.

Lazy Moon

Lazy Moon is hands-down the best pizza joint in Orlando. The pizzas are always cooked fresh to order. Lazy Moon uses aged dough and homemade sauce to make their pizzas. There are always a variety of eclectic, fresh toppings to choose from like wood-smoked bacon, sundried tomatoes and mojo pork. If you are in the mood for a beer with your pie, you are in luck. There are 15 pretty good beers on tap.

The Wine Barn

Located in the back of a warehouse is The Wine Barn. This local favorite in nearby Winter Park has some of the best wood-fired pizza in the entire area. In fact, it is a favorite among locals. In addition to the pizza, The Wine Barn offers more than 600 different wines. Therefore, you have a wide selection to choose from and can enjoy just about any wine that you desire with your pie.

Pizzeria Del-Dio Italian Restaurant

This family-owned restaurant, located in downtown Orlando, serves up award-winning New York-style pizza. Pizzeria Del-Dio has received numerous recognitions for its pizza. The Orlando Sentinel awarded the restaurant the “Critics Choice” award for the best pizza in the Orlando area. If you are not in the mood for pizza, you can also get all your Italian favorites at Pizzeria Del-Dio.

Brick & Fire Pizza and Pasta Parlor

Brick & Fire is a local favorite. Located downtown, this pizza parlor offers a lot of creative combinations. Foodies will enjoy unique offerings like The “Angry Shrimp” featuring Sriracha sautéed shrimp or the “Chicken Club” with chicken, bacon and gruyere cheese. This eatery offers lots of wine and food specials every day.

Francesco’s Ristorante & Pizzeria

Francesco’s combines whole ingredients by hand and uses the traditional Italian method of open-flame cooking to lend a unique flavor to its pizzas. Expect homemade salads, pasta and mozzarella made out of local, fresh ingredients at this eatery in nearby Maitland.

Armando’s Cucina Italiana & Pizzeria

This popular hotspot located in Winter Park is popular with visitors and local alike. Delicious, crisp oven-fired pizzas are wonderfully blistered. Other Italian fare includes pasta, salads and more. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable. There is also an outdoor patio that is perfect for people-watching when the weather is nice.

Residents at NorthBridge at Millenia Apartments enjoy proximity to some of the best pizza joints that Florida has to offer. For more information about our apartments in Orlando, contact our office today.

Dinner Date

How to Make Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day

Dinner DateNorthBridge at Millenia Apartment Homes in Orlando, Florida offers the perfect environment for any Mother’s Day event. The city of Orlando offers beauty salons and eateries while our community offers a lovely lakeside walkway with a bridge and fountains, two resort-inspired pools and even a private walkpath to The Mall at Millenia. At the same time, it takes more than perfect amenities to make your mom feel loved and special. Here are some ideas that can help you make this Mother’s Day a special one for your beloved mom.

Do a Dinner Date

A one-on-one dinner date is sure to be a memorable occasion for any mother. Choose a place that offers her favorite food, bring flowers when you pick her up and treat her like a queen for the evening. You may even want to take her dancing after dinner if she’s up to it; alternatively, you could take her to a movie that she would be likely to enjoy.

Go for a Long Walk

Going for a long walk may seem simple but it can be very meaningful for your mom if you tend to be busy and don’t see her as much as you’d like. Take time to converse as you walk; you may be surprised to find that there’s a lot you don’t know about the woman who helped make you what you are today.

Treat Her to a Day of Luxury

Plan a luxurious, relaxing day that any mom is sure to enjoy. This may include swimming with relaxing music playing in the background, a trip to a beauty salon for a manicure and a pedicure or a tasty meal out at a local restaurant at the end of the day.

NorthBridge at Millenia not only offers great community amenities but also a plethora of one-, two- and three-bedroom floor plans in various price points to make it easy for you to find the perfect place to live. At our community, moving in is made easy with our Digital Waterton Concierge. Get in touch with us at your convenience to learn more about our community and to schedule a tour!

Picnic Blanket and Food

Top Picnic Basket Essentials

Picnic Blanket and FoodWith such beautiful spring weather warming up in Orlando, it’s getting harder and harder to stay inside, even if that means stepping out of your luxury Orlando apartment for a little while. A picnic is an ideal way to enjoy some warm Florida sunshine along with culinary delights and a friend or two. If you aren’t sure what to fill your basket with, we have some easy, delicious ideas to get you started—all you’ll need to add are some plates, napkins and cutlery to soak in the sunshine while dining under the clouds.

High-Quality Finger Foods

Delicacies like olives and pickles will stimulate the appetite, add a yummy crunch to salads and sandwiches, and make your picnic a fun place to linger and chat. Stop by the nearby Mall at Millenia’s Williams-Sonoma to treat yourself to the very best in relishes, appetizers and more. For easy “snackcess” (snack-access!), pack a long-handled fork for hard-to-reach jarred goodies.


A classic picnic food, this simple fare is fun and features a DIY element. The Whole Foods at Phillips Crossing has all the premium deli meats your hungry heart desires, as well as a selection of mouthwatering bread and rolls for your edible masterpieces. Pick up some in-season fruit like juicy apples for a fresh element in your picnic basket. A fun tip: to keep apple slices from browning, fill a small, watertight container with pineapple juice and pop them in before embarking on your picnic—you’ll have crisp white slices with a delicious tropical twist.


On nearby McLeod Road, a local secret awaits: Cedars Bakery Group, which offers some of the most decadent baklava to be found in the area. Tuck a few triangles in your basket for a honey-sweet treat that you can savor along with your friends and loved ones. Just be sure to bring a damp hand towel or cloth in a zip-top plastic bag to wash up afterward: this flaky delicacy can be a little messy!

If you’re looking for a fun picnic spot nearby our community, Clear Lake Park is widely considered by locals to be an excellent place to enjoy a beautiful spring day. Set up a favorite blanket by the water and enjoy the breeze as you people-watch and enjoy a meal before heading back to our conveniently located luxury Orlando apartments. Interested in this experience? Call today to learn more about our apartments in Orlando!

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